The Collection

This collection just accumulated over the years and has never really seen any use for display or even made available to the grandkids. Instead it was carefully packed in waterproof bins and stored for later use. Almost every piece is in the original packaging and has never been opened. A few pieces have been repacked when the packaging adhesive failed. But all-in-all the collection is in like new condition except for some slight handling marks on the packaging.



The collection is currently located in St. Louis, Missouri and the dolls and accessories are stored in plastic bins and a number of boxes - 78 storage containers in all.


The Auction

The collection has no future use by the family and is being placed at auction now. The auction will primarily exist on Ebay and will include small lots of dolls and accessories packaged in easily shippable lots. Click on the Auction button to see when the auction is to be held and how you may participate and or bid on the collection. Funds from the auction sales have been reserved for my daughter's college tuition.

We accept offers for any of the Barbie collection items that are not currently at auction. Please contact us at by email with any offers. The easiest way to identify the items of your interest is to copy the caption information from the gallery page into your email.