As of today here are no current auctions.

Active auctions are typically held on eBay under the ID johnny.dsi which holds a 100% rating. If you would like to receive email on specific items, please contact us.

I accept offers on items that have not yet been placed at auction.

To make an Offer:

Send an email to with the description and item# (a copy of the webpage description is best) and your offer for the item. If the offer is accepted, I will reply and ask for confirmation to include the shipping and handling cost and a request for your shipping address. Upon confirmation, I will bill your email address through PayPal (other payment arrangements are subject to acceptance).

Shipping and handling will normally be by USPS Priority Mail and will include Insurance and Delivery Confirmation. A single doll ships for $9.95 to any location in the USA. Shipping costs for larger and multiple items will run a little more..