1000 Barbies is a catalog of many dolls and doll accessories collected over the years. The collection consists of over 1000 items. They are placed here for help in identification by any other collectors or interested Barbie fans. Take a trip through the galleries and see if you can identify some of these favorites.

You can expand the photos by clicking on the links or the small picture. Most browsers will allow you to expand the photo to its full size by clicking on the expanded photo again.

Most items in the collection are Barbie related, but there are a few dolls and accessories that could be classified outside of this area. We hope you enjoy poking around this large collection. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email - just press the Contact button above. We also encourage you to leave any comments here on our site.

To Locate specific dolls or accessories, use the search box below.

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